Jvion Website

Design detailing and illustration

Fleshing out a brand system

Role: Designer, Illustrator, Animator
Creative Direction: Laura Wills

Jvion is a healthcare and clinical AI platform that identifies patients at risk and changes their outcomes through recommendations. The client came to my employer, Scratch Marketing + Media, asking for a rebrand. Our creative director, Laura Wills, created a brand system that reflected Jvion's essence through graphics that communicate the company's mission and effects, modern illustrations and icons that demonstrate medical and technical concepts that the brand encompasses, and authentic photography.

I was brought onto the account shortly after the brand was created to help apply it to the new website we were developing. We had our UX and developer team create rough wireframes for the website, and I applied the new branding to 20+ pages, selecting photography and creating new brand illustrations in the process. I also animated the hero graphic for the home page.

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